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ATLAS energía is part of a business group with more than 100 years' experience in the group of energy companies in Spain. This experience allows us to propose new forms of operating and to understand the energy market. Our mission is to optimise and save electricity, energy and costs that appear in your final bill.

We consider that power companies are for serving society, to administer a common good. For this, we design specific plans that can respond to each need. Not all consumers have the same consumption level or needs when contracting power; each has a given time band and an entire set of priorities. For this, the design of customised plans allows our electricity tariffs to be adapted to each business, professional and industrial profile, showing how to save electricity on all occasions.

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ATLAS energía

Tarifas de alta tensión

Innovation, experience and specialisation go hand-in-hand with our power company to offer you the best tariffs and services for your business or company.

For your company, the cost of energy is vital so it is highly important to measure and administer your energy. Its correct optimising is key to saving on your energy bill and thus maximise your profits.

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Business DNA

We move companies, we form an intrinsic part of the business fabric, the arteries through which energy flows, this is our imprint. We are business energy.

What makes us a different electricity company? The way in which we understand and operate in the sector. Agile, effective and committed.

90% loyalty

Understanding customers is the base of our system and allows us to offer them the best service they need.

We are not the same as the rest of the energy vendors in Spain – we are more than this, we join with our customers to be more competitive in the sector, all thanks to our efficient processes that allow them to save on their electricity and power bill.


We have customised and specialised saving plans for each case.

We provide our customers with the most advanced systems that allow them to achieve their saving objectives. We are not limited to being mere vendors but become partners with our customers.

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Our maxim has guided us to develop the ATALAYA System Report system, an advanced management program that allows the energy consumption in your company to be optimised.

pc control

Control of power excesses (and/or reactive energy)

It allows you to detect any fault that could become a consumption over-cost.

pc simulador

Bills simulator.

Compare the options when changing the tariff or power.

tablet grafico

Trend graph and download consumption graphs.

Take control of energy consumption and make your own analysis.

In addition, we are so sure of the functions of ATALAYA System Report that in the first year we will not charge for the connection to the supply ot the initial diagnosis or the initial download of the consumption graphs.

Our team is at your disposition. Ask for a demonstration without commitment.

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