Who we are

A company with experience in the sector

Although ATLAS ENERGIA Comercial, SL/ATLAS ENERGIA was created in 2012 and therefore may appear to be a company with little experience in the sector, the reality is very different. ATLAS ENERGIA forms part of a business group with a solid business base in the energy sector with almost 100 years' experience in the electricity distribution and generation sector and since 2000 it has operated in the commercialising sector. With ATLAS ENERGIA we are closing the circle to guarantee our customers the best service and maximum professionalism.

An approachable supplier

We know how difficult and tedious it sometimes is to follow procedures. We consider that closeness to our customers is essential, for which we have a Customer Service office where you can solve any doubt or query.

An ethical business vision

Our efforts are aimed at improving the quality of the service for our customers through customised attention – reduction of procedures, clear and concise bills, training and information. ATLAS ENERGIA also guarantees customers full freedom to change vendor at the end of the period. We aim to make the energy sale business more transparent and easier, among other things avoiding the confusing commercial formulas used by other companies in the sector such as the use of misleading discounts in the bill prices that finally just distract customers.

Company oriented

Our principle and base as a vendor has been a company-oriented model since our greatest value is the experience of our personnel and the managing of purchases in the market, matching our customers' demands.

If you want further information, please contact us.

Differentiation from the competition

However they act, all companies have the same theoretical values: professionalism, experience, proximity, etc. But the reality is far from the theoretical values, so we thought it convenient to create a new energy management system that can integrate all these values in a single program where customers have all the energy management that any energy manager can offer, on an online platform, rationally, quickly and matching the daily reality of their consumption.
The ATALAYA system report program can bring the energy functioning of your company to the customer simply.


  • Lleida: Headquarters.
  • Barcelona: Through representation of a commercial agent.
  • Sevilla: Through representation of commercial agent.

Real answers ...to your needs!


Are you paying what you should?

We know how complicated it is to know exactly whether we are paying what we really should pay for our consumption. In ATLAS® ENERGIA we have proposed that our main value in relation to our customers is to be able to offer them tools and technical advice so that they can match total costs to real consumptions as far as possible. For this, ATLAS® ENERGIA has technical staff and management tools for these detailed analyses to adjust consumptions and loads to obtain the lowest possible costs.

ATLAS® ENERGIA also offers:


Clear and detailed bills

We bill you by calendar months – 12 months, 12 bills.

Nobody likes surprises in bills nor items they don't understand, so our bills are detailed and clear.

If you are a company, you can contract ATALAYA system report to manage your consumption and energy load efficiently.

Sin compromisos

Without permanence commitment

You can change company when you wish at the end of the first year without permanence, without commitments, without penalties.

We even help you with the procedures.


We take care of everything!

You needn't worry about changing company – we take care of all the procedures.

If one day you decide to change company, we even help you with the change.

Atencion cliente

Customer service and customised advice

Visit us! Come to our sales office.

We will be pleased to attend to you personally and study your particular case.

Let us help and advise you on the tariff that most closely matches your needs.

Permits and accreditations


ATLAS ENERGIA COMERCIAL, SLU is dedicated to the sale of electricity and is registered in the Administrative Register of Electricity Distributors, Vendors and Consumers, number R2-457.

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